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[06 Apr 2004|05:12pm]
new journal, just incase anyone wondered where i wondered off to


yeah okay.

shut up

Birthday BASH! [14 Mar 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So yeah today was my birthday... and i loved it! although we didn't go to hooters.. It was still fun.. i have Ashley, Emilie, Sam and Anthony come over. And it was great.. here's some pictures.

LIKE_WHOACollapse )

there's more but too lazy to download them all.. ;D
overall tonight was great. i miss anthony, like usual.. =\
Tim didn't show up, he had work till 9:30 =[.. i wish he could have come.. i wanted him to see rufus, and how big she got. =[..
well maybe some other time... =\


BAH!! his mommy got me a present.. and he got me that ska shirt i'm wearing.. and i love it.. so much.. oh he takes such good care of me =].. and my dad LIKES HIM!!!! he LIKES one ofmy boyfriends!!! (well he LOVES tim, but thats because he's awesome at guitar and actually holds 5 hours long conversations with my dad, and actually JAMS with my dad, but tims part of the family, not my boyfriend)

anyway.. all's good in meghan land


4 - shut up

[10 Mar 2004|07:47pm]
[ mood | bored ]


likeWHOACollapse )

I hope you enjoy all of it we all know hilly won't BUT WHO CARES!

2 - shut up

[10 Mar 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]


People who are comming. i can only have 7-10 people.

1) Anthony
2) Emilie (if she's allowed)
3) Sam
4) Aileen
5) Ashley G
6) Stephanie L
7) (open spot)
8) (open spot)
9) (open spot)
10)(open spot)

If you want to come, leave a comment and i'll possibly add you to the list. Anthony might be the only guy there. tim was supposed to come but he wont make it intime for hooters. Unless we leave at like 8. So comment if you want to join my birthday bo-nazza at HOOTERS! All plans are not final yet, everything will be posted by friday, if its deffinate or not.

6 - shut up

[09 Mar 2004|06:32pm]
nothing really eventful went on today

1 month with anthony

and thats it for today =\

the <3 list!
-Steph L
-MANDY FRIEND *wink wink wink wink wink* lol
3 - shut up

[06 Mar 2004|02:25pm]
[ mood | loved ]

SO yeah, i am feeling a bit better, then i did from my last post (it was friends only) figured i am really loved by Anthony, Emilie, Sam, and my Mother. Altough i still think my dad's an asshole, i'll get over it. I'm greatful for having such great friends, and a great boyfriend. And for those of you who are all "Anthony can't be THAT great" he really is. I mean yeah i couldn't go the show with him, but he made a sticker that says "I have a girlfriend (and she'll rip your titties off)" and is wearing it at the show =]... he's great and i love him haha.

Emilie helped me out alot, just by letting me know she cares, i know sam cares, but she's sick (feel BETTERR!!!).. my mom's taking me out to dinner and the mall when my dad gets home... I'm still a depressed, but more optomistic. (i can't spell).. I'm just easily agrivated, and very violent when i'm depressed. i trashed my room, then cleaned it.. that trashed it again.. and my bed is currently turned over and i think i broke a couple things. nothing that glue can't fix =]... so yeah i was talking to my mom and she's going to sign me up for some kickbowing to get my aggression out. i'm listening to ska, so its keeping me a bit upbeat, kinda weird. My idea is that if i listen to happy music, sooner or later i'll get happy. I might be able to see anthony tomarrow, maybe me anthony and emilie will go to the mall, cause i wanna hang out with emilie too.. maybe francois could meet us at menlo or something. i have no clue, but either way i hope to see them both this weekend...

either way, i feel loved. and i'm glad to be here for once.


2 - shut up

[05 Mar 2004|05:23pm]
glass heart
Heart of Glass

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shut up

[03 Mar 2004|10:17pm]
i are super rad: ow my knee
xlosers club: lol
i are super rad: OOWWWW
i are super rad: OWWWIIEEE
i are super rad: OW OW OWOW
i are super rad: OWWWW
i are super rad: OW
i are super rad: .
xlosers club: i wanna learn how to knit really badly
i are super rad: OWWWW
i are super rad: OWWWW
xlosers club: lol
i are super rad: OWWWWWWWW
xlosers club: MOWW
i are super rad: OWWW FUCKIN OW
i are super rad: ....aren;t you gonna ask why my knee hurts.
i are super rad: (just ask)
i are super rad: (emilie here's the part when you say "why does your knee hurt")
xlosers club: why does your knee hurt poopy face?
i are super rad: cause i hurt it fallin for you! <3
xlosers club: hahahhhhaa <333
i are super rad: it took you so long.
i are super rad: dumbass
i are super rad: <3
xlosers club: lol


Emilie. i love you. lol
shut up

[02 Mar 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | giggly ]


Hot.SexinsCollapse )


shut up

[02 Mar 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | energetic ]


haha so yeah today was pretty good. i've got an after school date with emilie, sam, lo-lo, and Mr. Maiore <3 hahaha everything seems so much better now. and i dont know why. i'm in a better mood and a better state of mind. =]

HSPA! HOLLA! the math part wasn't too hard. i miss anthony, my sexy italian! haha.. so yeah Steph was all "oo add me anthony" and i was all "bitch no!" and i yelled/talked to her after school. cause i mean. He's MY boyfriend, she doesn't even fuckin' talk to him and she told emilie that she liked him and that she thought he was hot. WELL EXCUSE ME.. HE'S MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND SO BACK THE FUCK OFF not that he'd like her anyway. pssh. all up on my man, ALL UP IN THE KOOLAID, AND SHE DON'T EVEN KNOW DAH FLAVA!

anyway, i love emilie, and i love sam.. and i love rufus, and i love anthony's mom.. and i love anthony.. and anthony's puppy.. and AND my 2 after school dates! hahaha... um sunday i might hang out with aileen, halp her make a marylin monroe shirt, same stencil emilie used, but we're going to put "Diamonds are a girls best friend" on it.. with little jewel things, then we're gonna make it off the shoulder... gotta talk to emilie about it though, find out how to do it.

YAY.. we have to get rufus's VAGINA taken out so she doesn't turn into a cat slut. cause rufus has super sex appeal. she's a porn star. soon she'll be a porn start with out a vagina.. yeah rufus is my kitten BTW


shut up

[01 Mar 2004|07:26pm]
So yeah i dont know how many times i'll be able to sneak on, so yeah here's the low down

2 centrals on Wednesday and Thursday, FUN!

um my parents are being jerks and being all "we dont think you should hang out with sam and emilie any more."

when i dont get why not.

more when i get the chance.

1 - shut up

weeee [29 Feb 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

So yeah today was beautiful out, i walked over to the Magic Grill to meet emilie, so yeah me and her are cool now. i might get a job over at salad works.

Yesterday i went to anthony's at like 11:30 hung out at his house till 11 pm. Um i rode betty around, watched anthony and dave skate. um i attempted to.. i went.. 1/4th up the way of his quater pipe.. oh yeah i was such a skater. well it more like 1/8th.. hahaha... but i didn't fall!! and i rode down the drive way! i'm so much better at skating then anthony. oh yeah. P.I.M.P

betty is so sexy. Betty = anthony's pink low rider. that i named. other then that i played DDR with dave and dino. the Anthony's other friends came over (joey *HATE HATE HATE*, nick, josh... some other people too) i made some eggs and planned joey's death. i'm gonna beat him up with a baseball bat, that has a rusty nail in it. HAHA! not that i'd actually DO it.. but i would like to... HAHA.. um... then me and his family went to go see The Passion of christ. Um me and his mom cried the whole time. it was just.. intense, the detail, and watching what they did to him. sad stuff. plus it was really violent. so we got home.. i ate some ice cream... haha.. and then they dropped me off... rahh i love anthony's house. haha

thats it for this update


2 - shut up

[26 Feb 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

so yeah, i'm up and movin! i am alive! wo0o...

so yeah i have one day of school this week... which is tomarrow... HAHAHA SUCKAS! going to school for the whole week! i got to stay home and watch fuckin' cartoons! oh speaking of cartoons after i was done puking the other day i watched captain planet. it was great. i haven't watched captain planet in a long ass time. and now i gotta get my self off the cursing. hmm.. i played ddr today, and oh man i did horrible. i was so un-co-ordinated. i had scalloped potato's and prok for dinner and now i feel sick. and its all cause of those potatos. so now i have to watch what i eat other while i might puke it up. it sucks. i want lemon sorbet. =* [ i'm in the mood for lemon flavored stuff. maybe i'll just go eat a lemon or something. oo not a bad idea? anyway.. i just have to do this outline for english.. hah not quite sure what i have to do for it.

thats it for now... brb

2 - shut up

[25 Feb 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | sick ]

been throwing up every 30 minutes to an hour...

ah this sucks

=* [

shut up

[23 Feb 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]



shut up

[23 Feb 2004|05:04pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

hah went to anthony's school today <3 YAY... we hung out till 5 cause steph had to be home and all. so yeah i'm glad i got to hang out with steph, and that i got to see anthony <3

Dave was there, so yeah that makes 3 friends of anthony's that i haven't hated, or presently HATE.. i dont want to go to school tomarrow...

i miss him =* [



3 - shut up

[22 Feb 2004|11:38pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so yeah today i hung out with emilie and sam.. it was fun.. um we just basically ran about and caused a ruckus. I yelled at brian (as a comment in his journal)... to READ what i wrote, i posted it in emilie's journal.. i'll post it here though...

what the fuck is your problem, you carry around drumsticks, and you fucking suck at drums. you loser, why would YOU need that many tom-toms or even 2 damn bass drums when you suck..you parents should just buy you a littledinky single drum like little kids have. OH and you won't even be paying for this your fucking parents will. you ARE a waste of life.. you say the same shit to every fucking girlfriend. she lives in canada.. and i doubt she even likes you. WAY TO BE A LOSER AND DATE ONLINE. oh and if she ever sees a picture of you, chances are she wont be talking to you for long.. HAHAHA.. get a life and start wearing deorderant you stinky fuck. oh and you spending a buck 25 on DDR at menlo.. just go to fucking BSA or thebreak.. LOSSERRRRRRR.. GOOATTT

BAHHH BAHH mother fucker BAHHH


TEE HEE HEE!! btw.. I LOVE EMILIE MORE THEN YOU DO.. FAGGOT... oh if you want to curse me off (which i hope you do) ask emilie for all my info.. and i'll be glad to make you look worse then i just did... goat.. goat..? GOATY GOAT GOAT.. oh i went to the farm the other day.. and i saw a goat with a striking resemblance to you... i was like "WOW! brian must be related to that goat" OH YEAH!just another note.. all that GOAT..(BAHH BAHH BAHHHHHHHH) stuff in emilies journal.. IS ABOUT YOU.. bahh.. and she never liked you, she was just with you because she had pity for you. we made fun of you so damn much.... and we loved making fun of you. way to be an anti-social peice of shit! just 2 minutes of making fun of you.. made it feellike christmas alover again. making fun of you makes me giddy like a school girl!!!! <3

Yeah i didn't lj-cut, cause i felt lazy. SO BLOW ME

OH MAN.. total ska mania.. <3 AQUA BATS. oh snap. they are amazing. hahaha.... thats it.. i miss anthony.. i get to see him tommarrow...



OH YEAH!!! i got a new sn.. for the hell of it.. ADD me of you want :: I Are Super Rad ..
2 - shut up

[21 Feb 2004|12:38pm]
[ mood | sore ]

so yeah... the battle of the bands SUCKED.. except one band.. i forgot the name.. but it was ska.. and yeah i skanked for a bit. um i got along with a COUPLE people.. and i was amazed. i saw emilies ex there.. and he was a jerk, he stayed for about 2 minutes, and then left. asshole. any way today me and emilie and sean might go the show in garfield... though i'm not sure if i can even go yet. and i have no $$$ so maybe we'll just go to the mall. i remember emilie saying she was in a mall mood.
um, so yeah see-ing that dirt bag made me feel bad about being mad at emilie, because i know seeing him would have either made her upset or mad.. or even more mad at me for making her go. well yeah overall last night was a blast. I called ashley G and had her come with me. so it wasn't a bust. hah

thats it for now, i need a shower...


shut up

[19 Feb 2004|09:09pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

nothing really going on.. trying to do better in school and shit. So friday i think i'm goign with emile to the battle, and then going saturday to the RCR show in garfield, sean is going to drive us.. i hope he doesn't feel used. =\ any way...
um Big T is a bitch.. she gives me dirty looks and i'm sick of it. she's so.. GROSS...


any way to lazy to update more..


shut up

[16 Feb 2004|09:53am]
so yeah the RCR show was amazing... i loved it.weee...

thats really all, i smell like smoke and i need a shower.
shut up

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